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The mandate of the CNA (Canadian Number Administrator) is to provide a numbering administration service to the Canadian telecommunications industry under contract to the Canadian Numbering Administration Consortium Inc. The administration of Canadian numbering resources are under the regulatory oversight of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). CNA functions include Canadian numbering resource administration, the processing of applications for North American Numbering Plan (NANP) resources and other telecommunications numbering resources. The CNA also chairs and is the secretary for the Canadian Steering Committee on Numbering (CSCN) and the CRTC Interconnection Steering Committee (CISC) Ad Hoc Relief Planning Committees (RPCs).

Canada is part of Country Code 1 and participates in the North American Number Plan (NANP) with the USA and 17 Caribbean nations. The NANP structure consists of a single digit Country Code followed by a 10 digit number containing a 3 digit Number Plan Area (called an NPA or Area code), a 3 digit Central Office (CO) Code, and a 4 digit Line Number.  The format is NXX-NXX-XXXX where N = 2 to 9 and X = 0 to 9 (e.g., the CNA number is 1-613-563-7242 where 1 is the Country Code, 613 is the NPA, 563 is the CO Code, and 7242 is the Line Number).  The "N" format permits the use of 0 and 1 for special dialing purposes (e.g., for operator assisted and long distance calling).

CNA Services

CSCN Secretary

The CNA will perform the functions of the CSCN Secretary in accordance with the CSCN Administrative Guideline including:

CNA Role in North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA)-Administered Resources

The CNA will perform the following functions with respect to the NANP number resources which are administered by the NANP Administration:

  1. NPA codes;
  2. International Inbound NPA 456 NXX codes;
  3. PCS/N00 NXX codes (NPA 500 NXXs) reserved for Canadian entities;
  4. NPA 900 NXX codes;
  5. NPA 800 855-XXXX line numbers;
  6. 555-XXXX line numbers; and
  7. Carrier Identification Codes (CICs).

Administration of Non-NANPA Administrated Numbering Resources

The CNA will perform the following number administration functions:

Administration of Numbering Resources and NPA Relief Planning

The CNA will perform numbering resource administration functions in accordance with the applicable assignment guideline for geographic and non-geographic NPAs assigned for use in Canada including NPA relief planning functions.

Other CNA functions include:

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