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IMSI Codes

In Canada, the Canadian Numbering Administrator (CNA) undertakes the primary administrative functions for all International Mobile Station Identity (IMSI) resources.  The CNA administers IMSI resources in accordance with the Canadian International Mobile Station Identity Assignment Guidelines developed by the Canadian Steering Committee on Numbering and approved by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

The administration of IMSIs in Canada is conducted under the regulatory authority of the CRTC. The IMSI administrator administers only the Home Network Identity (HNI) segment of the IMSI.  The HNI uniquely identifies the home wireless network of a Wireless Service Provider (WSP) or Wireless Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (WCLEC) subscriber and contains the Mobile Country Code (MCC) and the Mobile Network Code (MNC).  The remaining segment of the IMSI, the Mobile Station Identification Number (MSIN), is directly administered by the wireless network licensee to which the HNI is assigned.

The currently assigned MNC's in Canada are listed below.

MNC Company
220 Telus Mobility
221 Telus Mobility
222 Telus Mobility
250 ALO Mobile Inc.
270 Bragg Communications
290 Airtel Wireless
320 DAVE Wireless
340 Execulink
360 Telus Mobility
370 Microcell
380 Keewaytinook Okimakinak
480 SSi Connexions
490 WIND Mobile Corp.
500 Videotron G.P.
510 Videotron G.P.
520 Videotron G.P.
530 Keewatinook Okimakinak
540 Rovvr Communications Inc.
560 Lynx Mobility
570 LightSquared
590 Quadro Communication
610 Bell Mobility
620 Ice Wireless
630 Aliant Mobility
640 Bell Mobility
656 Tbay Mobility
660 MTS Mobility
670 CityTel Mobility
680 SaskTel Mobility
690 Bell Mobility
710 Globalstar
720 Rogers Wireless
730 TerreStar Solutions
740 Shaw Telecom G.P.
750 Sask Tel Mobility
760 Telus Mobility
770 Rural Com
780 SaskTel Mobility
790 NetSet Communications
820 Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
860 Telus Mobility
880 Telus/Bell shared
920 Rogers Communications Partnership
940 Wightman Telecom
990 Test


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