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CO Code Guidelines

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CO Code Assignment Guidelines

The current CRTC-approved Canadian Central Office Code (NXX) Assignment Guidelines are available below.  They are available as MS Word documents:

Central Office Code (NXX) Assignment
Request and Confirmation Forms

Part 2

During CSCN 60, agreement was reached that iconectiv Telecom Routing Administration (TRA) Part 2 Forms, as developed and amended from time to time by TRA, can be used by Canadian CO Code Holders to facilitate data entry into the TRA database.  The CNA is not required to provide Part 2 Forms of any vintage to any party.

A Job Aid to assist Code Applicants in completing the Part 2 Form may be obtained from TRA by calling 732-699-6700, by facsimile at 732-336-6999, or by internet website at

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